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Step 1: Finding your niche

This is the hardest part of making money with CPA and PPD as I’m sure a lot of you will know. It required time and patience which issomething a lot of people don’t have. I’ve found a way to find really
good niches using YouTube and I will explain below.

Go to the following site: https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool

Once at the above site you will find a box where you can enter keywords or phrases, we will use this tool to find our perfect niche. We’re going to use what I like to call ‘trigger phrases’ to find our niche, for example in the box you could enter ‘Download free’.Entering that trigger phrase will reveal popular niches on YouTube
and ones we can take advantage of, take a look at the screenshot below:

There are a whole load of niches there that we can take advantage of, however there is no point in us going for ones that have more than 50,000 monthly searches because those niches are most likely going to be heavily saturated. A good example in this instance is ‘Terraria free download’ as it only gets 7,400 searches every month. We must now create a video and a website which is going to capture nearly all of those searches! 

Step 2: Website

The next step is to create a website; I’d recommend investing another $10 and buying a .com or .net domain for your niches. You don’t have to buy a domain for each niche you create, just buy a general one for example downloadfreestuff.com I’m sure that’s taken but it’s just an example.  

If you really don’t want to buy a domain or can’t afford it just sign up to blogspot.com and create a new blog for your niche. For example if you chose Terraria for our niche your blogspot URL could be

Be sure to customize the template to make it related to your niche since that will improve your conversions. Create some images, even if you create them in paint, which can be used for your Header and Background because it makes your website seem more legitimate.  Once you’ve customized your website you need to make your post which will advertise your niche. You don’t need to write too much information all you need to do is explain what your crack/hack will do and how it works. Make sure you add instructions on how to use it or install it since that will make the user feel like they know what to do once they’ve downloaded your file. 

Be sure to add a cool looking download button that links to your FileIce download and a virus total scan of your file to make the users feel more at ease when downloading, this will improve conversions.

Once you’ve done all of this and are happy with your video it’s time to promote!

Step 3: Promotion

It’s easier than you may think to get traffic to your websites! All I do is create a nice looking video that shows off the hack or crack (or if you don’t actually have one, just show the website and explain how
the hack works). Use Camtasia Studio to record your videos since it’s the best software out there! Try to use your voice in the videos to explain things rather than opening a .txt file since users are more
likely to download it that way.  Upload your video to YouTube and make sure you use good tags; a good way of getting good tags is to search your niche on YouTube, open the first ranked video and use similar tags to that! That should really help you get a few views to your video. You can also promote using pastebin and other video sites such as DailyMotion, but really I only use YouTube. 

Step 4: Enhancing YouTube Views

To help get your videos ranked on the first page of YouTube you will need to get some fake views and likes to your videos! This can be easily done just visit one of the following sites, earn credits and then redeem them for views and likes: 


If you just want to get views without the hassle of earning credits 
then you can purchase views at a good price on:


I personally recommend viewtornado.com since it’s an amazing site and delivers views extremely quickly, but you may want to stick to the free ones if you’re on a budget. 

Further information and tips:
  • From time to time your videos are going to get removed or your account banned, especially on newer accounts. It’s a part of the process, just suck it up and create a new account and new videos! 
  • Getting bad comments and ratings on your videos? Disable them or overwhelm them with fake likes and comments from enhance views. 
  • Don’t give up! It took me over a month to begin earning $100 per day but I didn’t give up at all, most of my free time was invested into uploading videos and creating site. Now after all that hard work I can sit back and enjoy playing video games knowing I’m earning good money! 


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